My meticulously crafted indicators are the culmination of five years of financial market expertise, specifically tailored for Dollar-Cost Averaging (DCA) investing styles. I understand that successful trading goes beyond following trends; it’s about anticipating market movements and strategically positioning yourself for optimal outcomes. I designed and coded my indicators to do just that; Giving you a unique advantage in the market by predicting price exhaustion. My indicators go beyond the conventional wisdom that “the trend is your friend.” I believe in enhancing this mantra with the vital corollary, “unless the trend is about to end.” Identifying probable inflection points is the key to improving your cost basis, mitigating risks, and enabling you to actively participate in the subsequent market trends. By identifying areas where market tops and bottoms are likely, my indicators bring precision and objectivity to market timing.


Dip Finder Ribbon®

This powerful tool combines exponential moving averages, candlestick patterns, and divergence analysis to help you spot potential market dips, entry points, and trend reversals.

Breakout Spotter®

This powerful indicator identifies trend breakouts and a visual representation of bullish and bearish trends using artificial intelligence.

Support and Resistance®

This powerful indicator identifies potential breakout spots in the market, offering a visual representation of support and resistance levels.

Market Structure Detector®

This powerful trading tool employs ZigZag analysis to identify market structure breaks, guiding traders to potential trend reversals.


Dividend Calculator®

It provides a comprehensive view of dividend-related information for a selection of 20 stocks. Users can customize their view, track dividend payouts, estimate future dividends, and analyze growth over time.

Ratio Comparator®

Coming soon.

Security Evaluator®

Coming soon.

Only One Indicator


Choose one of the most efficient indicators by yourself.

Always up-to-date and developing indicators.

Complete Package


The most efficient set of investing indicators powered by AI.

Always up-to-date and developing indicators.

Evaluation Package


AI-powered stock evaluators for equity investor needs.

Evaluation methods developed by academic professionals.

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