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As a seasoned freelance data and financial analyst, I specialize in transforming raw data into actionable insights. With expertise in machine learning, both supervised and unsupervised algorithms, I leverage SQL, Stata, Python, Excel, EViews PowerBI and Tableau to unravel complex datasets.



I convert data into insightful and understandable understandings in my role as a data analyst. My commitment is to enhance outcomes, facilitate informed decision-making, and optimize operational costs through the power of data. Let’s embark on a data-driven journey towards success together.



I harvest data from various sources such as SQL databases, HTML pages and APIs via Python, and reconstruct the datasets by eliminating erroneous data with Excel. After creating useful and understandable data, I visualize that using Tableau and PowerBI.



Thanks to my expertise in economics and finance, I can efficiently perform methods such as financial modeling, stock evaluation and regression analysis. I also create various financial indicators and strategies in the Pinescript coding language.



Empower your decision-making with custom-designed dashboards that transform complex data into intuitive visual narratives. I build detailed, dynamic and interactive dashboards prioritizing user experience, with a user-friendly interface.

About ME

As a Data Analyst, I have a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and am currently pursuing a master’s degree in economics. I presented various financial analyzes and ideas to people through the startups I founded throughout my higher education. The most well-known of these ventures is Bayford Analytics, where I prepared 80 financial market reports in 3 different languages in 2 years and coded 19 different trading strategies in Python and Pinescript languages in Turkey. During these 2 years, I visualized the financial analyzes I made using Tableau and PowerBI to help investors make the most ideal decisions.

During this process, I mastered Excel; I have gained a high degree of experience in software such as Stata and EViews; I learned advanced programming languages such as SQL and Python.


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