Bitcoin Reached Over $64k

Bitcoin hit $64,000. In the article I shared on February 13, I stated that 60 thousand was inevitable. Since I have made weekly analyzes many times in my previous articles, you will not find a new analysis in this article, but I would like to touch on a few points to reiterate.

When I look at it technically, I think that $68,000, that is, the previous peak, is a very important resistance zone. If this run continues, this level may be broken and new peaks may be reached. But I see that there is a large order block especially at the $65,000 level in all markets. Therefore, although $68,000 is the peak, breaking $65,000 is critical.

As long as $65,000 is not broken, I expect relief to first $57,000 and then $54,000. But if $65,000 is broken, the next target will be $100,000.

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